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Selling some Pagan books, jewlery, tarot cards etc. (:

Anonymous asked:
What pagan path are you pursuing?

I myself don’t really know. I believe in souls and elements and the respect of nature, but I’m still learning pantheons (:

Selling a beautiful Celtic ring and some agate bands, more items coming soon!
Anonymous asked:
Hi there I just moved out of my parents house and am new to paganism. I was wondering if you could recommend some basic things I should have to get started be it books, alter supplies, herbs, etc.

Candles is always a wonderful thing to have lots of (: Picked flowers, dried herbs like lavender, sage, smudge sticks etc.

I’ve always preferred online research to books, as many books are quite one sided, which isn’t great if you’re new to Paganism, it’s important to absorb a little of everything, rather than one authors opinion

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I’ve been so inactive lately!

Please, send me some messages of what you’d like to see posted, questions, anything! (:

Please take a look on this site! It's my local Pagan shop which is closing down ):
Got some Divining rods, so much fun :3

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Anonymous asked:
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I been trying to find more information about the Goddess of thieves, Laverna. I was hoping maybe you might have better luck finding out more about her. Anything would be appreciated, thanks! :D

I can honestly say I don’t know a whole lot about Roman Gods/Goddesses, but here’s a couple pages with some information/stories that you might not already know